Spa and salon services are all about pampering the guests. Give that extra edge to the customer with a superior software. A range of salon activities is simplified enhancing the guest experience and maximising revenue. What makes the software interesting is the error free scheduling, check-ins, guest tracking, staff profile, commissions, inventory, cancellation and more. Managing a spa and salon become easier through our feature-rich salon software. The spa software can be used for a standalone salon or a chain of salons.

Salon & Spa POS Management Software – Managing A Spa Is Now a Cake-walk

This personalised software is loaded with real-time availability for booking, rescheduling and cancellation. The beauty parlour Management software offers straightforward and flexible online booking from any device. A great calendar is available to schedule appointments for salon booking. The feature comes with POS and multiple services. Managing client relationship is easy with detailed customer history, preferences for future booking and contact information readily available for quick access.

The software enables automated reminders and customises messages for customers, including notification of changes. The highlight of the software is the availability of activity dashboard. It helps to keep track of day to day activities, keeping you in the centre of the action. The customer is relieved of the inconvenience of visiting the premises to make a booking. At the click of a button, appointments can be fixed, rescheduled or cancelled via our hair salon online appointment booking Software.

POS System For Beauty Salon And Spa Management Software– Keep Track Of Your Transactions

The software is combined with POS operations making it comprehensive. Now track appointments using our POS system for salon and spa for future reporting and filter the bookings by location, service group, type of service availed, gender and therapist choice. The addition of service charges and commissions are also included in the POS. The payment can be settled directly in the spa room.

Benefits of POS software

  • It is highly flexible as it offers both online and offline search for locations, appointments, type of service and staff information.
  • Team schedules can be analysed by checking the staff plan & pattern over a period.
  • Pricing calendars can be devised based on the season and demand. You can purview the pricing strategy for the future.
  • Commission scale can be fixed based on the volume of sales
  • Temples for commission can be created based on the product sales
  • Inventory of spa items can be controlled
  • The interactivity of the booking process makes the POS attractive

Salon Appointment Booking & Billing Software With A Difference

eShopAid is an effective salon management Point of sale software offering superior billing services.

  • The software provides Touchscreen appointment booking with easy integration into the calendar. The customer is notified by email or SMS.
  • The employee roll management through appointment book enables meeting the right customer. Employee profile, incentives, targets and services are managed properly.
  • The customer information pertaining to contact details, birthday & anniversary, reminders, previous visit can help in improving the guest experience.
  • The service management section deals with packages offered, gift vouchers, promotion & discounts, coupon management to increase the credibility of the service
  • Customer loyalty is the backbone of any business. The reliability function makes the customer feel special.

Be supercharged with our salon scheduling app by giving the customers a choice to book online through your website or mobile app. Our Salon management software can improve the level of service of the business and give your guests an experience to cherish.