Supermarket Billing Software

Wondersoft offers an improvised in-store experience to increase productivity and enhance customer interaction. The software provides real-time data inventory and sales. The information on expiry date and profit on a particular product are given. The accuracy of information is crucial as the shelf life is limited in the supermarket business. The fastest selling items have to be stocked to prevent loss of sales and the stocks of less popular items have to be restricted. Well organised inventories ensure there is no over ordering or over stocking. Wondersoft is loaded with features to provide a rich checkout experience.

Supermarket Billing Software – A proven technology for success

The scanning and printing of multiple barcodes are easy with the supermarket software. Other features include maintaining ledgers of multiple warehouses are part of the features, expiry management and alert of re-stocking is a feature to watch out for. Moreover, data can be imported and exported in different formats to avoid manual keying of records. The supermarket point of sale software allows you to print, preview and export reports in various formats.

Multi chain retail stores can have better control with Wondersoft Supermarket POS software. The single point security, price management, centralised master data, financial control, performance and real-time business analytics & multi-business models are features that are incorporated in the software

Grocery store shop pos billing system – A software driven by insight

The Grocery management software supports specific transactions with high-tech security features for enhanced reliability. Our billing software is built by engineers with expertise in the field, therefore you can enjoy the installation support, training and technical guidance to resolve functional issues. Our friendly staffs guide you at every stage.

  • Grocery help software: We offer Touch Screen Software that simplifies Billing, tracking, bill view, cash receipts, free schemes, home delivery bill, bundle product, offline billing, multiple payment modes, returns and a convenient migration to new technologies in the future. The software captures customer information and sends a message to customers. Moreover, the dispatch and transport of goods, taxes, converting order to bill, discounts and many more features are delivered from a single source location.
  • Grocery Inventory software: Manage product through unique SKU, barcode or product name. The search option is made simple with quick stick alerts and product expiry. Handling stocks from multiple locations is now convenient. Identifying product category, location, supplies, etc is facilitated by the system.
  • Store Operation: Managing operations in the store is easier like never before. The fully automated transaction like cashier module, interface for weighing, queue, stock audit, expense, cash book, tax, bank reconciliation, advance payment entry and rights management improves staff efficiency and performance.
  • CRM & Loyalty: Improve customer loyalty through home delivery, SMS alerts, order management, pre-paid cards, loyalty points, gift vouchers, free schemes, customer purchase history, promotions and reminder and alerts.
  • Purchase Management: For smooth functioning of the store analyse the top selling items, non-selling items and expiry items. Then scrutinise the purchase path accurately knowing the sales value, margin and returns. Now negotiate for the best deal and operate the business efficiently.

Supermarket Software – Powerful Way To Manage Your Store

The growth of your business is the threshold of our success. Our supermarket software is committed to implementing solutions beyond the expectation of our clients. We deliver data services by offering dynamic control and facilitate information management for robust retail environments. The Grocery POS System is loaded with tools for covering key operations of POS, Inventory, Accounting, Store operation, Loyalty program and purchase management.

Enjoy uninterrupted billing operations with flexible retail solutions without worrying about network connectivity. Whether single or a chain of stores, we can centralise price control, performance, distribution management and monitor sales and performance store-wise. Our intuitive graphics facilitates easy learning, reducing the training duration as well.