Pharmacy faces a horrendous task of handling laborious stock management, transaction and accounts. Manual data entry has become a thing of the past and pharmacies have embraced real time pharmacy software systems to track usage and inventory. The coordination between the pharmacy and the nursing unit can improve with the introduction of the best management software. The user friendly system helps navigating through pharmacy Point of Sale Systems, inventory management and the challenges of dispensing. PMS promotes easy tracking, processing and dispensing prescription with precision and efficiency without compromising on security.

Medical Billing Software - Promoting Better Work Flow

A pharmacy billing software improves the workflow, enhances patient safety, streamlines stock and consolidates medication storage. A fully installed PMS can relieve you from the maintenance cost. A turnkey solution minimizing infrastructural expenses and maximizing support is the need of the hour. Your entire pharmacy operation can be run on retail and pharmacy software. Our loyalty programs bring in repeat customers and can be incorporated into the system. Moreover, the inventory cost is reduced by 10 percent using time saving tools and best practices offered by us. Use of PMS can help maximize margins through analysis of buying patterns, promotions, merchandising and bundling. Tracking and managing inventory, expiry, accounts, insurance and reporting is simple with our PMS.

Benefits of PMS

Medical store software cuts down on inventory cost by automating reordering and ensures accuracy through automated reconciliation on order receipts. It saves time and cuts down on cost allowing expiration date tracking. The staff productivity is improved through automated PMS. It is designed to meet the needs of multi site health systems.

Retail Pharmacy Management System – Improve Efficiency And Drives Growth

Pharmacy Retail Software and Healthcare management system caters to the inventory management, accounting, reports, expiry & scheduled drugs management.

Key features:

  • High volumes of transactions are easy and safe to handle
  • Minimizes dispensing errors
  • Manages complex coordination
  • Reduces out of stock items through efficient inventory management controls
  • Electronic ordering
  • Pharmacist verification

  • Priority picking queue
  • Automated bar code associations
  • Expiry tracking
  • Auto refill feature
  • Easy reporting
  • Receipts and payment options

Pharmacy Retail Software and Healthcare management system caters to the inventory management, accounting, reports, expiry & scheduled drugs management.

Software for Retail Pharmacy – Streamline Your Retail Operations eShopAid

The PMS offers effective drug management with accurate alerts and reports triggered when the drug is close to expiry date and when drug is dispensed without prescription. Effective insurance management with eligibility checks, TPA, treatment plan, calculating insurance value on bill, claims and remittance, bill generation and web support is part of the deal. The software helps to maintain record of stocks, updates, transfers, tracking, storage and optimizing visibility. Product equivalents are defined with product classification and schedules. The brand names pop up when the composition is entered.


The drug purchase inventory is linked to monitor expiry and prohibited drugs, the expiry and scheduled drug management, alerts and reports are triggered when it is time for expiry date and drugs issued without prescription. The prescription management reminds customers of refills through automated SMS. List of patients are reminded of the refills through phone. The insurance management allows effective management of insurance process, eligible check, insurance value, bill generation, claims, renewal and remittance. Moreover, the product composition lists out different brands once the composition is entered.