The demands of the electrical and electronic retail stores can be overcome with a superior shop management system. Now and then new technologies are being upgraded to match the growing needs of the consumer. This change is rapid in the electrical and electronic sector, and it is crucial to manage the inventory to prevent stockpiling as it may soon become outdated. The retail management system cuts down on operational cost. The shop should offer an adequate supply of consumer electrical and electronic goods at a competitive price. Irrespective of the services they avail, they prefer to receive high-quality service when it comes to acquiring information.

The software offers a flexible and customised solution for various retail stores dealing with electrical and electronic goods. Various business activities like sales orders, delivery, tracking, reorder, delivery note and invoice can be streamlined through a reliable and functional retail store management system. The software can be integrated with your smartphones and tablets.

Electronic & Electrical Shop Billing & Management Software System

Irrespective of whether it is a standalone POS system or comprehensive retail management software, the aim should be to improve customer interaction. Good Electrical & Electronics Shop Retail POS Software enhances efficiency, improves customer experience and cuts down on operational cost through a fully integrated software solution. Wondersoft offers ready to use electrical and electronic retail software. Some of the functions of the system include stock transfer, inventory, sales, purchase, accounting, customer relations, payroll, promotions and loyalty programs. With our sophisticated and superior retail management software, manage your whole business without any worries of changing markets.

Electrical & Electronics Shop Retail POS Billing Software

Our Electronic Point of Sale Software for Retail Stores helps create orders quick and effectively depending on the customer preference. The electronic and electrical retailing becomes more versatile and profitable with our POS device that can be integrated with the handheld device.

Retail management software offers a personalised experience to the customer through high-quality service. With an improved inventory management system, the staff will be able to track down the inventory and delivery thereby facilitating quick service. The barcodes and product descriptions are used to track down the order. Our robust inventory system enables retailers to keep tab of the data analysis with real-time stock allowing informed inventory purchase. The software also supports a predictive analysis tool to increase sales profit. The loyalty program analyses the purchase history and helps sales representatives to offer personalised service to regular customers. The programs can be tailored to increase customer loyalty further.

Electronics And Electrical Store Management And Point Of Sale Software

The success of the electrical and electronic store is based on efficient tracking of inventory using a reliable billing software for an electrical shop. eShopAid is a product just right for your electrical and electronic store.

eShopAid Features:

  • Inventory tracking that goes a step further to track Serial and IMEI number of mobile phones and other equipment.
  • Better control of stock with maximised efficiency and minimised margin of error. This way the customers get their products delivered on time. The stock monitoring facilitates positive impact on the company and improves profit. Managing stock through serial number, inventory adjustment, transfer and handling multiple location stocks is easier with the software
  • Real-time reporting of products, inventory, sales, employees and customers are crucial for a store of any size. The reports help in quick decision making. The software also offers brand wise reports, incentive reports of sales representatives, purchase reports, sales reporting promoting smooth and steady sales predictions and cash flow
  • Smart inventory management tool helps you beat the competition with the essential product on hand and facilitating easy planning for seasonal change. Inventory management, instant data availability, configurable product attributes, store brand product link, product pricing, online and offline billing, maintenance of master record and product kit are some of the inventory functions supported by the software
  • The POS software runs in a secure environment with proper user authentication, log details, SMS & email communication and task management.