Apparel management software systems give the suppliers a perspective of supply chain and how to improve the delivery performance. The ERP for apparel industry is a business-oriented application that is tested thoroughly and run by all sizes of units. The ERP software comes with a host of integrated functionalities like Retail operations, POS, production process, sales and distribution, rack and space management and warehouse management. The software can be integrated with CRM, e-commerce, accounts and HR. The software is being used by manufacturers and corporate retailers to expedite their return on investment, cut down on ownership cost and introduce a single point of accountability.

A Comprehensive Textile & Apparel Software Solution

Wondersoft software comes with superior modular solutions and satisfies all the requirements related to retailing, distribution and manufacturing. The application offers a comprehensive solution for order management, sales, purchase, garment accounting, production, e-commerce, MIS and B2B reporting.

The merits of apparel software

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP Software consist of a set of activities that assists the manufacturer, distributors and retailers to manage clothing business functions like providing rich customer experience, interacting with suppliers and tracking orders. The ERP system makes integrated with the existing database system offering more than what the name suggests.

Clothing Store Garment Inventory ERP Software – Salient Features

The ERP software integrates the various departments in the company into one system that is designed to serve all the departments. The functions of all the departments are streamlined thereby improving the performance of the employee and thus the productivity of the company.

Key features:

  • All aspects are integrated like the customer service, design, manufacturing, financial services, sales and distribution. This gives access to the information irrespective of location encouraging efficient workflow.
  • Everyone wants better pricing, quality and fast delivery. The ERP software takes you forward in this direction giving your customers and distributors the confidence to conduct business with you.
  • It improves the decision-making process by providing the right information to the right people at the right time.
  • It saves time by eliminating duplication of work and providing quick access to information.
  • The fields can be edited, and the designs can be modified through the installation process. The ERP operates in a web-based environment as well promoting flexibility of operation.
  • ERP helps to standardise the process and improve quality.
  • Finally, it guarantees the smooth operation of the business by improving efficiency promoting reduced inventory and decreased operational cost.

Shopaid And eShopaid- Apparel Inventory Management Software

Wondersoft offers innovative apparel management software for both offline and online management. ShopAid and eShopAid come with a host of solution features like Sales and billing, apparel POS operations, inventory management, order management, CRM, loyalty bonus, discount coupons, offers, replenishment, financial accounting, Email integration, SMS, drill down reporting, mobile application, web ordering and more.

The technology used includes VB/.Net and SQL Server Express. The garment ERP software comes with extensive benefits like end-to-end functionality, complete offline solution, fast and user-friendly solutions.

Web-based or cloud version of the software is suitable for distributors, franchise and retail chains. Now you can access information irrespective of geographic locations. It supports all verticals globally.

The ERP software can benefit production, distribution, franchise and retail sectors. The apparel software application offers cutting edge business solutions keeping track of data and ensuring smooth procedural flow. Modern day garment units cannot do without apparel ERP systems.