Investing in the structure and interior decoration can attract more customers into your bakery, but for the smooth functioning of the store and enhanced customer experience, it is important to invest in the right technology as well. What could be more apt than investing in a good bakery software? To play on the level ground, it is also important to buy viable wholesale bakery software. It gives you full control of the operations. The introduction of touch screen POS changed the way business is conducted. There is software that comes with integrated CRM, payroll modules, real-time video and more. The POS can be customised to meet the bakery store needs. Thanks to the computer enabled small bakery management software that throws records and charts much faster.

Bakery POS System Software– Enriching CRM Experience

This software takes charge as soon as the customer enters your premises. Once the order is taken, the kitchen staff are informed about the order details. The POS even ensure the food is delivered on time without any snags. The touch screen contributes to the speed of order entry and billing. The guest service is enhanced with the POS where even a large group of orders are delivered without any delay.Automation has changed the way bakery operations are conducted.The bakery shop software facilitates advance booking making it more organised.

The advance booking for bakery produces, or confectionary products can be taken for a different date and time.The software supports booking and delivery reminders so that you never miss out on any order. It helps you to stick to the delivery time. The result is that your customers are delighted with the prompt service. Moreover, a bond with the client is cemented through automated birthday and anniversary reminders. The database software registers the birthday and anniversary of the customer and sends them a personalised message on a special day thereby increasing customer loyalty.

Confectionery Store Management POS Software Can Track Sales

The digital bakery and cafeteria POS systems offer detailed information on the menu and help track the most popular items on your menu and the least popular. Based on the order frequency the popularity of the product is determined. This way it is easier to manage the inventory by cutting down on loss-making items and stocking preferred items. It does not stop with this, the POS system also monitors the sales, maintains working hours and calculate labour cost. The information can be obtained from the attendance time clock. The sweet shop billing software also protects the bakery from theft, since every order is processed through POS. The inventory is reduced as the order is entered. At the end of the week, the POS calculates the inventory and discrepancies are identified.

Retail Bakery Billing Management Software – Hassle Free Operations

Presenting ShopAid and eShopAid for Bakery and confectionary manufacturing and retail units for hassle free operations. The bakery management system takes care of Payment transactions processed through debit and credit card and cash wallets. It eliminates the need for expensive hardware and software for billing, inventory, sales reporting, etc. The financial transactions are safe through secured payment gateway. Preparation of financial statement is simple with all the figures readily available in the system. The customer checks cannot be altered without a password. Moreover, it gives you an opportunity to keep a better tab on the labour, facilitating better payroll preparation. The bakery ERP software provides a better control of the store helping in analysing work pattern, sales, inventory and protects from issues that typically go undetected in a manual system.