Several things go on to make a restaurant successful. The food, the decor and customer service are not only factors that help a restaurant run successfully. The software for restaurant management also has a huge role to play here. Restaurants witness several kinds of transaction each day. Other than food sale, there are countless numbers of items that are purchased every day. The sales are made by either receiving cash or cards. Keeping a tab on all the facets for the smooth running of a restaurant is a challenging task. This is where Point of Sale Software for restaurant comes to the rescue. This software not only helps with tracking of sales but also the inventory, in and out time of staff, preparing profit and loss statements and for calculating taxes.

Restaurant Management POS Software – Seamless Integration

Cash registers that were earlier used for recording sales are passé now; more and more restaurants, whether big or small all across the globe are switching over to restaurant reservation software. This software helps to manage the entire restaurant far more efficiently and cuts down on human errors on calculations, labour costs and the time taken for calculations.Good pos software for restaurants is a multi-faceted entity. It should be a comprehensive one including reservations at restaurants, bar and billing all rolled into one.

There are several fronts to be managed simultaneously in a restaurant; good software should make the running of the restaurant entirely smooth, minus any hiccups. In other words, the restaurant should never go out of stock on any important inventory items, should be able to forecast sales and inventories precisely, ensure that there are no discrepancies in sales calculations and also keep a tab on customer relations.

Food Inventory & Restaurant Bookkeeping Software – Good Food At Your Service

Inventory management is a challenge that needs to be addressed to immediately. Our inventory management system promotes quick order and stock of goods to ensure the customers are not left disappointed.

  • Daily inventory tracking: Since a restaurant requires regular monitoring and replenishments of its stock, this software tells the exact quantities of each SKU, its general consumption patterns, and its purported demand forecast on a given day.
  • Daily sales tracking: This helps with the precise tracking of sales and generates audit reports to help gauge the profitability of the restaurant.
  • Helps in improvement: With accurate tracking of the sales and growth indices, it is effortless to find out the direction in which the sustainability and profitability of the restaurant are moving and the steps that can be taken to improve the sales.

Restaurant Inventory Accounting Software – No More Human Errors

Several companies offer hotel billing software. Wondersoft's restaurant POS software e-Shopaid and Shopaid offer solutions for stand-alone restaurants and restaurant chains too. sShopaid software is made to manage all aspects of a single restaurant whereas the e-Shopaid version caters to a chain of restaurants that are geographically different; this uses cloud computing. e-Shopaid and Shopaid offer point of sale software for very kind of genre including pharmacies and healthcare, clothing and apparel, salons and spas, lifestyle and fashion, supermarkets and groceries, and of course, food and beverages.

e-Shopaid and Shopaid's bar restaurant software comes with the following benefits:

  • Compatible on a plethora of devices including tablets and smartphones and works on a variety of OS
  • Recipe management with a focus on recipe configuration, end to end production, waste management of food, etc.
  • Inventory tracking and management of items that are either not moving, or are past their use-by dates
  • Customer relationship management for distribution and redemption of vouchers and lifetime offers.

Just like their bakeries and confectionaries counterparts, the food and beverage ( ) version of e-Shopaid and Shopaid are also compatible with various devices, help in recipe management, inventory management and call centre order management.