Mobile technology has become the way of life. Irrespective of the size of the business, mobile technology is transforming the way businesses are conducted. It helps to connect with customers and employees. A large number of the population own mobile phones, and the number seems to increase steadily. Moreover, there is a steady climb on internet usage through mobiles. In America, the rise is 8% in 2013 to 12% in 2016. In UK, the penetration of mobile is 81% in 2016 from 52% in 2012. Similarly, the number of minutes spent on the mobile web is also increasing, and a gradual decrease in the use of desktops is also seen.

Mobile Retail POS Apps – Enhance Your Business Value

Our point of sale apps are targeted towards small business include

  • Mobile geo-targeting for an increase in location specific messaging to identify the customer buying pattern in the region. Geo- location technology facilitates sending special offers to people in a particular location. It narrows the focus and helps achieve targeted results. Schedules and Reminders can enable a business to interact with the customers efficiently and ensure no business is lost.
  • Loyalty programs for customers can be delivered through apps for retail business. Customers who download the mobile app are offered exclusive discounts and early bird deals. It promotes a feeling of appreciation, and the customer feels valued and thankful.
  • Mobile payments solutions through debit and credit cards, internet banking, payment wallets have made life simple. Business transactions can be made on a mobile, tablet, computer or a POS.

Restaurant Mobile App With POS Solution - Fine Dining Experience

Wondersoft presents a range of point of sale systems for small business to handle business critical function to improve customer interaction and boost performance.

  • eShopAid Mobile Application comes with essential business features for your mobile device. The responsive application is capable of handling various tasks like billing, cancellations, petty cash, till operations, taking orders from call centres, integration with a location, call centre, order transfer, modification and cancellation, online and offline synchronisation, mobile pos system, barcode scanning and reporting. It offers pos systems for small restaurants.
  • With Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) you can encourage repeat visit by providing loyalty cards and inspiring the customers to be part of your loyalty program through incentive and excellent support. Register for loyalty program on the mobile app and start collecting points, the digital loyalty card does not take your wallet space. The app provides better hall maintenance, table maintenance, flexible delivery, order ticket, order continue, bill generation and bill settlement.
  • With Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) comes a host of benefits. It allows capture of data automatically and reduces turnaround time. The labour cost is cut down as the manual tasks are reduced. There are no issues of wrong delivery hence you get advanced customer satisfaction. Real-time monitoring improves the performance of the restaurant chain. Revenue leakage is contained through regular monitoring. Finally, the app does not require much investment and is pocket-friendly.
  • With Mobile Order product suite the distributor can take instant orders from retailers. Mobile epos can be captured areawise, calculation of retailer outstanding, stock checking, availability of offer, product alerts and synchronisation.
  • With Kiosk improve your brand visibility through good food, fantastic service, attractive decors and generous promotions. Be more than just a nameless restaurant to a brand that has a broad reach to the target audience. This is possible with your very own restaurant mobile app. The touch screen experience improves your customer experience. Moreover, the mobile can be integrated with social networking sites promoting business & creating advertising opportunities with features like product display, product specification, feedback and customer confrontation.
  • With Stock Check, you can save time and effort. The app comes with stock checking both batch and product wise, racks, category wise, manufacture wise and location wise. It also offers barcode scanning, reports and sync with ShopAid.

Value of Mobile Point of Sale (POS) Software Machine

Your prestigious logo will now decorate the home page of your clients’ mobile. Mobile app which is your business icon is not deleted, and the customer values it for a longer duration providing the right identification for your business. Our friendly mobile point of sale system for small business comes with a kitchen dashboard with department wise configuration, workflow and status tracking. Through the POS systems for retail, you can retrieve completed orders as well. Real-time monitoring gives better control over the business.