Companies lose 75% of business due to false time and attendance every year. Fingerprint machines have become the order of the day with transparency and accountability reflecting the work culture of the workforce. No more worries of buddy clocking leaving scope for false attendance. Biometric Attendance and Payroll systems can save 2.5% of gross annual payroll with its robust and management friendly features.

Employee HR management system has taken a new dimension with biometric attendance recording system and payroll management. Bid goodbye to manual attendance machines and clock the entry and exit time without any error. The precise attendance solutions are provided and reporting for payroll purposes becomes easy. It provides improved data integrity. Fraud proof and user friendly software eliminate the scope for miscalculation.

Biometric Attendance System Software – Clock Your Time

Biometric Online Attendance System and HR Software from Wondersoft allows you to define employee profile, working hours, shift timings, overtime, break and pay information based on the clock in machine. The attendance records are used for monitoring and analysis. Our world class time attendance system is set in real time and can be customized to meet the needs of the management. It comes with superior access control system. Our software closely integrates the attendance and payroll by facilitating leave application and calculating the monthly and annual leave balance and pay accordingly. It is compatible with USB and Wall mounted devices. The overtime rules can be customized and automated. Now managing unlimited number of employees is easier by preventing conflicting schedules by optimizing work schedules.

  • Adaptable to organization’s attendance needs
  • Simple to install, configure and access
  • Includes flexible Attendance monitoring system
  • Easy interpretation of data for quick decision

  • Instant notification
  • Zero human intervention
  • Precision of salary data for timely delivery of payroll

Whoisin – The Best Fingerprint Access Control & Monitoring System In India

The objective of our Comprehensive workforce management and leave management system is to protect assets by restricting unauthorized people from accessing pre-defined areas. The flexibility and scalability needs are addressed through access control solutions. WhoIsIn presents modular, scalable and adaptive access control solutions designed to meet the size of the organization. In the software we pre define physical areas restricting entry of employee from one department to another. There is also time based access assigned to different zones.

Advanced access control solutions are becoming essential and we provide high end solutions such as

  • Daily attendance
  • Random Check
  • Roaming Profile
  • Leave management

  • Low Staff Alerts
  • Birthday Reminders
  • Payroll integration

Biometric Security In Human Resource Management Software

The easy access to private information has made it vital for upbeat security. Our security solutions protects from external and internal threats. The security features are in place to measure the records and verify the physical attributes. The security staff checks for biometric components like thumb print or eye scan that could not be changed any time. Then the access of the staff to the premises is checked using pre-recorded behavioral characteristics and physical qualities. It helps in aiding in security of the biometric system guaranteeing zero replication.

The rise in cyber attacks due to increase in share technology has paved the way for improved security in biometric. Threats can be countered through enhanced analytical process.

We are capable of handling high volume biometric time and attendance software. Bespoke biometric attendance tracking systems are designed to maintain better control of the workforce. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions to meet your HR and payroll management needs.